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A project that uses gamification, organized in Krakow for the Children's Day in 2016, the objective of which was the preparation of a sports picnic for children and parents based on a friendly, sports and mental rivalry.

We've chosen the magical world of pirates as the theme. Children were going one by one through a series of "islands" on which they had to perform a variety of tasks (sports activities). Parents were also involved in the competition - they had to work with their children from a distance; through messages transmitted in Morse code using a flashlight, or binoculars and the Braille alphabet. Passwords obtained this way were the key to discovering more clues and tasks appearing either on the internet (we used video materials, social media) or on the physical map held by the parents.


The highlight was the arrival of a huge 10-meter cardboard ship and rescuing the prisoners who turned out to be the sports celebrities that arrived for the event. 


To increase the attractiveness of the event and the media interest in it, a month before the event we were promoting a "treasure map" that allowed people to navigate the interesting corners of Krakow and discover their mysteries. 

It was another element of the project that used gamification, activating inhabitants of the city to become better acquainted with their surroundings and explore them more carefully. To organize the event we used real elements (e.g. numbers on the buildings). Using them, the participants were to "decode" messages we hid in the virtual world. 


In addition, we've placed the main partners of the event - companies CPRP and Koba - on the map. 

Our actions garnered the attention of the biggest media in Poland - RMF FM, Radio Eska, Radio Krakow, Teleexpress.

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